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With a line-up of America’s best bakers and champion pastry chefs, you will learn and savor the skills in America’s Baking and Sweets Show 2016 (ABSS) through live demonstrations and hands-on classes.

If you are zealous about cakes and cupcakes, or have an overwhelming love for bread and bagels, you will enjoy the artisan bakers, cake makers, and celebrated pastry chefs who will be a part of the show. Whether you are looking for 3D cakes with fondant, that perfect red velvet pastry or the exotic ingredient with which you can decorate your birthday cake to make it stand out, we have a variety of the best bread and cake people to keep you happy.

Don’t miss the live demonstrations by specialist chefs throughout the show, as they demonstrate and showcase their talents at baking, icing, and decorating their wonderful creations, offering invaluable suggestions and winning tips to make your best cake yet! Learn some versatile recipes, simple techniques, and easy insights to create that cake you had only dreamt of.

Other baking stars will also be demonstrating the fine art of savory bakes. From bread to cakes and everything in between, America’s Baking and Sweets Show is the one place where you get some real inspiration to make a start.

There are free demonstrations, with a huge viewing and seating area, and giant screens to guide you closely. So get your ABSS 2016 tickets today, and enjoy the art of baking, in the midst of life, music, food, and entertainment. 

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