Friday Demonstration Classes

Friday, November 15, 2013 DEMONSTRATION CLASSES


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10:00am - 11:00am

Instructor: Professional Chef, Melissa Trimmer, CEPC


In this demonstration class, watch as Le Cordon Bleu Chef Melissa Trimmer demonstrates the classic French Fruit Tart. Abundant seasonal fruits make fruit tarts the perfect choice for a light dessert in summer and fall. Learn the professional technique step-by-step, starting with mixing the dough for the perfect pastry shell, shaping the pastry, and preparing a delectable pastry cream. Then, let your creative juices flow as you enjoy a demonstration of creative fruit assembly and decoration for the finished tarts. Chef Melissa Trimmer will share tips and techniques on how to make your tarts uniquely your own.


Instructor: Professional Chef, Melissa Trimmer, CEPC


Le Cordon Bleu Certified Executive Pastry Chef Melissa Trimmer will demonstrate confectionary ideas and techniques that will spruce up any mignardise or candy presentation. In this demonstration, learn skills such as handmade marshmallows, pate de fruits or fruit jellies, peppermint patties, and soft caramels. Make these confections your own with tried and true techniques as well as modern presentations.


Instructor: Professional Chef, Eurico “Jing” Palasigue, CMSA


In this demonstration class, watch as Le Cordon Bleu Certified Master Sugar Artist Chef Eurico Palasigue demonstrates creative techniques used in gumpaste flower production. Learn the time-honored techniques from Le Cordon Bleu that are sure to make your next pastry creation a work of art! Discover the breathtaking possibilities of gumpaste artistry as you observe the proper technique to form and bunch flowers. Once you master these techniques, you will never look at flowers the same way again!

------------------ BREAK 2:30pm - 4:00pm-----------------------


Instructor: Professional Chef, Eurico “Jing” Palasigue, CMSA


Le Cordon Bleu Chef Eurico Palasigue will demonstrate wedding cake decoration ideas and techniques that are part of every wedding cake decorator’s toolbox. In this extensive demonstration, see chef utilize his gumpaste flowers, piping techniques with royal icing, working with rolled fondant and creating decorative elements using rolled fondant. Imagine the possibilities! Learn how these elements work together as the Chef assembles the cake before your eyes and shares professional tips and tricks.


Instructor: Professional Chef, Cara Benski


Taking pastry to the next level in this demonstration class, Le Cordon Bleu Chef Cara Benski will demonstrate how to create a stunning sugar showpiece. Learn how to work with sugar as an artistic medium, combining elements of sculpture and painting in this breathtaking art form. Watch the Chef create incredible shapes, structures and decorative elements that can be used to decorate your pastry creations or on their own. A true artistic and creative experience, sugar showpiece creation takes sugar to its full potential.


Instructor: Professional Chef, Cara Benski


Impress your guests with the quintessential fancy cupcake – a staple of American bakeries. This dainty confection features a variety of innovative cake flavors, buttercreams, and creative decorations. Colorful and fun, these treats are sure to brighten up any meal! In this demonstration class, watch Le Cordon Bleu Chef Cara Benski demonstrate how to make this classic treat from start to finish. Learn classic icing techniques to create the perfect cupcake top and various decorations to make your next batch of cupcakess unforgettable.

Reservations for Demo Classes are based on first come-first served. Price per class $10.00 per person online + entry to show.


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