Friday Demonstration Classes

Friday, November 13, 2015 DEMONSTRATION CLASSES


Every Demo Class requires a minimum attendance.  If that minimum attendance is not reached by October 23, 2015, that class will be cancelled and all money will be refunded.  To ensure every class reaches their minimums, we recommend a buddy system whereby you bring a friend(s)."
This year 20% of all class sales will be donated to Icing Smiles.

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Instructor: Ruth Rickey

"BOW MANIA!!"  (Minimum:  20 students)

Students will learn how to wire bow loops to create a bow with no drying time.  They will learn how to do package bows, how to do double wire edged bows, how to wire a banner, how to wire a flag, how to wire the tails for various types of bows, how to embellish these with glitter, metallics and brooches and so much more! This is a demo that more decorators say saved them time in their decorating than almost any other! No more struggling with sagging bows!!

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Instructor:  Chyrstie Wojcik

"PIPED CHOCOLATE CENTERPIECE"  (Minimum:  25 students)

The art of piping chocolate showcases skills that create depth and dimension in a centerpiece. Inspired by this year’s theme of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", the focus of this demo will be piping with chocolate. You will learn how to create a beautiful winter themed centerpiece using dark and white chocolate and a few simple tools.

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Instructor:  Chrystie Wojcik

"HOT CHOCOLATE TORTE"  (Minimum:  25 students)

All of the flavors and comfort of a delicious cup of hot chocolate nestled between the layers of a delicious torte. In this demo, you will learn how to create a beautiful European pastry with layers of hot chocolate Italian buttercream and a decadent chocolate torte cake making this the perfect dessert to bring to every holiday party.

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Instructor:   Zoë Clark

"FRUITY LITTLE NUMBERS"  (Minimum:  25 students)

 Learn how to make these adorable sugar fruits and how to use them to decorate sweet little treats and faux food mini cakes

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Instructor:  Charity George

"CAKE BOARDS AND DISPLAYS"  (Minimum:  25 students)

NO MORE FOIL CAKE DRUMS!!  A cake board and the display is an extension of your ARTWORK. Would you display the Mona Lisa in a generic frame? Probably not. Then don't display your cakes on a $3 cake drum either. Charity will inspire you and guide you through the in's and out's of displaying your cakes and making your own custom cake boards and how to make it profitable.  Don't miss this important class that will take your art to a new level. 

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Instructor:  Susan Carberry

"FLORAL BUTTERCREAM CUPCAKES"  (Minimum:  25 students)

In this demonstration you will learn how to create a beautiful array of flowers using buttercream icing and a few decorator tips.  As you all know, fondant and other mediums are great additions to cupcake designs but when it comes to flavor, buttercream is still America's favorite topping.  Watch Susan as she shows you how to pipe the most popular floral designs directly onto the cupcake for quick results.  The same piping techniques can easily be used to pipe directly onto cakes, cookies and other desserts.  Different coloring methods will also be discussed.  Flowers will include pansies, daffodils, primrose, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and daisies.

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Reservations for Demo Classes are based on first come-first served. Price per class $10.00 per person online + entry to show.


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