Friday Demonstration Classes

Friday, November 11, 2016 DEMONSTRATION CLASSES




Instructor: Joel Reno

"Chocolate Marshmallows"

Homemade marshmallows, yes please! These homemade, soft, sweet treats are much better than the store bought variety. Marshmallows are made with simple ingredients: sugar, gelatin and egg whites, but they are deceptive in their simplicity as working with egg whites and hot sugar syrup can get tricky! So who better to walk you through all the detailed steps than The French Pastry School. Let Chef Joel Reno show you how to properly whip and handle the sugar syrup while exploring various flavor options. This demonstration will teach you how to create marshmallows so fresh and fluffy, it’s like nibbling on a cloud!


Instructor: Joel Reno


Crazy for cupcakes? Let The French Pastry School show you how to make creative, sophisticated and yummy combinations of frosting and cake! In this demonstration, students will learn the basics of buttercream frosting, piping, dipping and decorating. They will be taught how to correctly use the spatula to cover the cake and obtain a professional look. Additionally, they will learn how to decorate a cupcake with edible design, including the proper & cleanest way to work with cupcakes. Dazzle your friends and family with beautiful and delicious works of art that also taste amazing!


Instructor:  Joel Reno


Brownies don’t require a lot of ingredients, so the recipe and ingredients you use should be really great! Lucky for you, The French Pastry School’s got you covered with their signature, award-winning dark chocolate brownies! Join Chef Joel Reno as he shows you how to make this rich, decadent, sweet treat using the best ingredients, real butter and fine chocolate. We will also explore the fundamentals of baking with chocolate and how important chocolate is to the structure, texture and moisture of your baked goods. Never botch your brownies again after this class!


Instructor:  Joel Reno


Known for their distinctive shell-like shape, the madeleine is a traditional small sponge cake from the Lorraine region in northeastern France. These are truly unique little cakes, browned and crispy on the outside and spongy and soft on the inside. Learn how to create these classic French petits fours that look as beautiful as they taste. The delicate, buttery crumb of a madeleine demands careful mixing and resting. The French Pastry School will show you the proper folding techniques to ensure the flour is hydrated without being over-mixed to produce this perfect petit four! These classic cakes are lovely for tea time or as an accompaniment to ice cream or fruit when served at dessert.



Instructor:  Joel Reno


What do crème brûlée, to­ffee, and butterscotch have in common? Caramelized sugar, or as most of us know it, caramel. This demonstration will show you how to make deliciously creamy, perfectly chewy and intensely chocolatey caramels. Caramel is a really versatile building block for dozens of desserts, and making your own caramel is a simple process, if you know the few pitfalls to watch out for! Let The French Pastry School demystify the science of caramelizing sugar by showing you how to cook sugar properly and what can go wrong when making it, so you can confidently create caramel and caramel confections at home!


Reservations for Demo Classes are based on first come-first served. Price per class $10.00 per person online + entry to show.


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