Friday Hands-on Classes


Friday November 11, 2016

Each class is 2.5 hours in length unless specified.

Each Class is priced accordingly



Instructor:  Andrea Nickels

"Teapot Cake"  $100 Admission

Learn how to create a teapot cake for various tea party themes. In this 2.5 hour class, participants will learn how to cover a ball shaped cake with fondant and create a handle and spout. The cake will be enhanced with flowers, leaves, and other fondant decorations. Andrea Nickels will discuss tips for baking the ball shape, working with fondant, cake decorating production, and assist in decorating techniques and enhancements. Participants will be provided cake, icing, fondant, gum paste, and other decorating supplies to work with during class time.



Instructor:  Andrea Nickels

"Confectionary Flowers"  $60 Admission

Learn how to create Roses from Candy Clay and fantasy flowers using Wilton Candy Melts. In this 2.5 hour class, participants will learn how to make candy clay to make roses and other flowers. Since Candy Melts do not have to be tempered like chocolate, we can easily melt and start making petals for other fantasy flowers. Andrea Nickels will demo how to make several flowers and to make a simple centerpiece using the completed flowers. Each participant will have be provided Wilton Candy Melts, prepared Candy Clay, and needed supplies to complete the project during class time.



Instructor:  Sally McKenney

"Cookie Baking & Tips with Sally" $60 Admission

With over 200 cookie recipes on her website and in her books, baker and author Sally McKenney will show you how to perfect each batch of cookies coming out of your oven. Complete with a brand new cookie recipe demo, Sally will show you how to prevent cookies from spreading, the best products to use, the importance of temperature, oven rack position, and ratio of ingredients to get the best flavor and texture. You'll bake cookies confidently after experiencing this class! Each member also gets free baking products and a signed copy of both McKenney's cookbooks.

Reservations for Hands-On Classes are based on first come-first served. Price per class varies.


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