Friday Hands-on Classes


Friday November 13, 2015

Good news for anyone interested in participating in our Hands-On classes at the 2015 Baking and Sweets Show, The Baking Academy.  All supplies and tools will be included in the price of every Hands-On class.  As well, proceeds of sales from every class,  whether Hands-On or Demo, will go to Icing Smiles, the nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. 

Every  Class requires a minimum attendance.  If that minimum attendance is not reached by October 23, 2015, that class will be cancelled and all money will be refunded.  To ensure every class reaches their minimums, we recommend a buddy system whereby you bring a friend(s)."

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Instructor: Zoë Clark

"MIXED MEDIA LACE TECHNIQUES"   $105 per person admission (Minimum:  16 students)

Learn how to create beautiful lace inspired cakes using a variety of techniques and sugar  applications including cake lace, piping, embossing and molds.

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Instructor: Peggy Tucker

“FALL HARVEST GRAPES AND LEAVES”  $130 per person admission (Minimum:  12 students)

Grapes are harvested in fall when they're ripened and most beautiful.  It's also at the point in their growth when they're sweetest and prime for dessert.  Come join Peggy in this 2 1/2 hour class making the most amazing grapes and leaves.  In class you will be using Isomalt, gum paste and dusting powders in beautiful layers of blues, purples and green.  Once dried, we’ll wire them into bunches of grapes and add the leaves.  They make a beautiful accent to any fall cake or cheese platter.

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Instructor: Ruth Rickey

"STAINED GLASS"  $130 per person admission (Minimum:  5 students)

Students will learn Ruth's simple tricks for creating gorgeous stained glass effects, without using messy piping gel. While focusing on floral designs, she will show you how to convert it to baby shower and birthday designs quickly and easily. Students will learn to paint with petal dusts and confectioner's glaze, to pipe royal icing lines and to paint those silver for a leaded stained glass effect.  Students will take home a small cake. Please bring an 8x8 box.

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Reservations for Hands-On Classes are based on first come-first served. Price per class varies.


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