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Liqueurs & Spirits - Mix it Up

What's old is often new again in art, fashion, music, and even cuisine! Liqueurs, spirits, and wines have always added zest to baking, when used as an ingredient. At America’s Baking and Sweet Show 2016, explore this side of your culinary indulgence. Enjoy the distinctive flavors of liqueurs and spirits, paired with ice cream, biscotti, or your favorite fruitcake.

Liqueur being sweetened alcohol spirit, if flavored with fruit, spices, nuts, and herbs can add a very special taste to all your baking and desserts. At ABSS 2016 discover an array of liqueurs to suit your taste. Once you understand the physical properties of what it can do to your dishes – enhance flavor, enrich colors, and complement the taste of any dessert – it will be easy to pick your favorite.  

There is nothing quite like sun-drenched vineyards, time-honored traditions, and trendsetting innovations – and at the show you’re in the middle of it all, as you immerse yourself in choosing your best spirit yet.  

Whether you are a culinary professional, baking enthusiast, or just discovering the wonders of pairing, at our show you will uncover traditional tasting spirits to liqueurs with modern twists that you can easily incorporate into your recipes. 

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