Peter Pan Theme Cake Competition

Challenge a cake artist and watch for magic to appear. The 2016 Baking and Sweets Show challenge comes from the J.M Barrie book, “Peter Pan”.

Where does the cake artist draw inspiration? The possibilities are endless.

In the 2013 edition of the Theme Cake Competition, Alice in Wonderland provided so much fodder for creativity. The Tea Party was a consistent theme as were several of the colorful characters; the Cheshire Cat, the Mad hatter and Humpty Dumpty …

The 2014 show had the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy and Toto trying to get home.

Last year, The Charlie and the Chocolate fantasy was inspirational. From Charlie himself all the way to the Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka.

With endless motivation, visitors to the Baking and Sweets Show should expect extraordinary cake designs. The judges will be hard pressed to allocate their votes and the camera flashes will light up The Peter Pan Theme Cake Gallery.

Plus, this year we have TWO categories.

A Junior Competition for Cake Artists between the ages of 12 and 17 and an Adult Competition for everyone 18+.

We can’t wait for this year’s show – can you?

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