Wedding Quarter

The modern wedding cake, as we know it today grew out of a harmonious synthesis of various traditions. And that’s why America’s Baking and Sweets Show 2016 has taken special care to feature an area, the Wedding Cake Quarter where the fabulous creations of some of the most talented cake makers will compete to win the pride of place.

At the Wedding Cake Quarter you will see cakes that are tiered high, or decorated ornately, and some that are simple yet elegant. Inspirations come from everywhere, and each of the wedding cakes displayed here are imbued with great ideas and amazing craftsmanship.

The wedding cakes are so immaculately decorated and presented that it is difficult to say which has been crafted by professionals, and which by the eager cake enthusiasts. The talent displayed by the cake artists here are not only unique, but outstanding.

Feast your eyes on these spectacular wedding creations, and get some gorgeous ideas for your big day!


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